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Hi, My Name Is James Richwine.

My company, Hearing Aid 911, provides on-location hearing healthcare for senior communities.

Building Community Through COMM-Unity!

Building Community Through COMM Unity with Hearing Aid 911

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Offer : Free Community Hearing Event For CALA Attendees

Schedule a FREE one-time hearing healthcare event and get valuable discounts for your residents on hearing testing and ear inspections, hearing aid cleaning and repairs, hearing aid sales and service, and assistive listening tech solutions.

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Not Hearing Is Not Okay

Your hard-of-hearing residents need your help. They want to participate in community activities but hearing impairment is preventing them from joining in on the fun. Worse yet, the undertreated hearing loss puts them at risk for:

Cognitive Decline

57% greater risk of cognitive impairment


5X more likely to develop dementia

Depression & Anxiety

2X more likely to develop depression & anxiety


3X higher risk of falling

Memory Impairment

Reduced ability to interpret, store, and recall information

Medical Misdiagnosis

Hearing loss is mistaken for other medical conditions

Poor Social Relationships

60% form negative relationships with their loved ones

Isolation & Loneliness

24% more likely to withdraw from social life

Hearing Aid Management (Or Lack Thereof) Is A Major Source Of Resident And Staff Discouragement

A 2004 study of hearing aid use in nursing homes revealed how little is being done to address hearing loss. The absence of a uniform system for addressing hearing loss in long-term care communities is causing frustration at every level.


No facility hearing aid management plan


Staff who received hearing aid care training


Residents reporting poor hearing aid benefit


Residents who need help caring for hearing aids

HA Upkeep with Hearing Aid 911
HA Loss with Hearing Aid 911

We Help Seniors Live Happier, Healthier Lives Through Managed Hearing Healthcare At Their Communities

Hearing Services

We come to you to provide full-service mobile hearing healthcare that is safe, fast, convenient, and affordable.

COVID Safe Care Protocol Badge for Hearing Aid 911

Safety is our biggest priority. We pledge to cooperate and comply with your facility’s COVID-19 protocols completely. Click here to review the steps we’re taking.

Monthly Hearing Clinic

Monthly Hearing Clinic with Hearing Aid 911

Hearing Aid 911 brings full-service ancillary hearing healthcare into your facility once per month to test hearing, fit and fine-tune hearing aids, repair hearing aids, calibrate assistive listening technology, and train staff. That way, you save time and money that would otherwise be spent transporting residents to audiology appointments.

Same-Day Emergency Repairs

Same-Day Emergency Repairs with Hearing Aid 911

Tired of using a notepad to talk to your residents when their hearing aids are out for repair? Call us and we’ll come right away to fix the problem. And if the repair needs more time, we’ll supply your residents with loaner devices so there’s no break in communication.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

Hearing Aid Sales and Service with Hearing Aid 911

Three-quarters of your residents need hearing aids, and 86% of those who already have them are frustrated by them. Our hearing aids for long-term care are simple and easy to use. We prioritize budget-friendly performance above bells and whistles and provide monthly on-site support.

Exclusive Community Discounts

Exclusive Community Discounts with Hearing Aid 911

Your residents receive 10-15% off of the purchase of hearing aids, hearing aid repairs, and hearing aid batteries and accessories depending on the plan you choose. We also offer flexible payment options, trade-in credit, and hearing aid rentals to make hearing aids accessible for budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Hearing Aid Options

The hearing aids we provide to residents of senior living communities are carefully selected to balance performance with ease of use. Each set of hearing aids comes with:

●  Full shell custom molds
●  Automatic hands-free processors
●  Large batteries (2-weeks per)
●  Lanyard clip & name tag

●  Telecoil for hearing loops
●  Loss & damage coverage
●  Remote control

Hearing Aid Options with Hearing Aid 911

Community Support

Staff Training

Staff Training with Hearing Aid 911

In-person, virtual, and recorded hearing aid training & certification.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits with Hearing Aid 911

Your staff, their families, and extended families get the same benefits your residents do.

Loss Coverage

Loss Coverage with Hearing Aid 911

No more paying for lost or damaged hearing aids. We’ve got you covered.

Pick The Right Plan For Your Community Or Choose From Our On-Demand Services

Annual Plans
Plan 1
Plan 2
New Resident Hearing Exam
Annual Hearing Exams (All Residents)
Monthly Hearing Clinic
Exclusive Hearing Aid Discounts
Monthly Wax Inspection (All Residents)
Monthly Service Reports
On-Call Hearing Aid Repairs
Staff Training & Certification
Employee Hearing Benefits
Loss & Damage Coverage

On Demand

Pick and pay for only the services you need.

Community Hearing Event

Schedule a one-time hearing healthcare event and get valuable discounts for your residents on hearing testing and ear inspections, hearing aid cleaning & repairs, hearing aid sales and service, and assistive listening tech solutions.

Emergency Repairs

For the cost of a service call and repair, we’ll come to you to fix your hearing aid emergency. If we have to hang onto the hearing aid, we’ll supply a loaner device until the repair is complete.

Hearing Aid Services

You can request all of our hearing services, including hearing testing, hearing aid sales, hearing aid repairs and programming, a-la-carte.

ADA Compliance Audits

Hire us to conduct an ADA accessibility audit of your facility. We’ll identify significant barriers to hearing access, and provide a written report which includes recommendations for mitigating the risk of compliance deficiencies.

Hearing Loops

Increasing communication access with hearing loops puts your community in the top 1% of long-term care communities nationwide. We’ll help you identify the best locations for hearing loops and provide you with a quote. Once approved, we’ll design and install the system and show everyone how to use it.

T-Coil Activation

Hearing loops only work when the receiver in a user’s hearing aid is activated. We’ll inspect your residents’ hearing aids, turn on the “telecoil” receiver and teach them how to access it.

Window Intercom Systems

Plexiglass barriers are making communication much more difficult. Window intercom systems installed in family visitation areas or on mobile media carts overcomes the communication problems at the barrier.

Staff Hearing Aid Training

Our employee hearing aid training program is available as a stand-alone purchase. We provide on-site, virtual, and recorded training so your people can confidently work with most hearing aids and solve minor problems. Upon successful completion of the course, your employees receive a certificate and digital badge.

Employee Benefits

Hearing Aid 911 offers the same great discounts to your employees as we do for your residents. Not only that, but we extend the coverage to your employees' family and extended family! So, even if your benefits package includes hearing aids, Hearing Aid 911 makes it better.

Getting Started Is Simple With Our 3-Step Enrollment Process


Initial Consultation with Hearing Aid 911

Our initial consultation covers plans, pricing, contracts, and payment.

Strategy Session

Strategy Session with Hearing Aid 911

We finalize the details of your service plan and get everyone up to speed.

Lift Off

Kick Off Event with Hearing Aid 911

We plan a launch event and begin our journey together.

Help Your Residents Get The Most Out Of Your Community Events and Activities By Installing Hearing Assist Technology

Social connection and personalized engagement are critical to your residents’ health and happiness. Yet, for more than half of them, hearing loss is a barrier to participation.

Plan 1
Plan 2
ADA Site Survey
Hearing Loop Design & Installation
Residential Room Hearing Loops
Free Hearing Aid Telecoil Activation
Window Intercom Systems for Family Visits

What is a hearing loop?

Hearing loops for TV rooms

Intercoms for family visits

Portable desktop loops

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