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Only 3 Out Of 10 Hearing Aids Are Programmed Correctly

There's A 70% Chance Yours Are Not

Hearing aids must be programmed to match your hearing loss prescription. Special tests performed at the time of your hearing aid fitting ensure that this is the case. The trouble is, only 30% of hearing care “professionals” perform these tests, and without them, there is no way to tell if your hearing aids are programmed properly for your level of hearing loss.
If your hearing aids are in good working order and you still struggle to understand speech, hear in background noise, or tolerate your own voice, your hearing aids may not be programmed correctly.

Introducing Hearing Aid 911’s Precision Programming Service

We do all the tests necessary to exactly match your prescription so you get the hearing performance you deserve.

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What is the single biggest complaint users have about wearing hearing aids?


Many people struggle with the sound of their own voice while wearing hearing aids. Often described as loud, hollow, and echoey, this “new voice” takes some getting used to. Most people adapt to this temporary annoyance, but sometimes it’s the programming of the hearing aids - not you, that is to blame. A simple adjustment to your settings helps reduce the “head noise” for a more comfortable listening experience. While “own voice” issues are high on the list of complaints, they are not at the top.


There are many things that get in the way of speech clarity while wearing hearing aids. The most common causes are neural adaptation, frequency of hearing aid use, brain fitness, the quality of the speaker’s voice, and the environment you’re in. While it is essential to address these factors to get the best hearing possible, the settings in your hearing aids can work against you when they are not fine-tuned to match your hearing prescription. A simple programming check and tune-up can make all the difference. And although it’s not the biggest complaint, speech clarity goes hand-in-hand with number one.

background noise

Background noise is, hands-down, the biggest complaint of hearing aid wearers. Background noise interferes with speech clarity, discourages you from wearing the devices at social events and outings, tires you out, and drives you crazy! New advanced hearing aid technology does a great job of quieting background noise and focusing on speech, but learning to hear in background noise is a significant part of getting used to hearing aids. The best approach is to gradually turn the hearing aids up over time to your prescriptive target. That way you aren’t overwhelmed by the background noise.

Hearing aid programming must be performed with expert precision in order for you to enjoy maximum benefit from your hearing aids.

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