Rent a Hearing Aid from Hearing Aid 911

Risk-Free Hearing Aid Rental

All Of The Rewards None Of The Risk

Experience ultramodern hearing aid technology with no contract and no commitment. Just choose your options and pay as you go. Cancel any time.

Hearing Aid's 911 Risk-Free Rental Program Features:

  • Intelligent digital receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids optimized for speech clarity in background noise
  • Option to buy at any time – Payments credited toward the purchase
  • Upgraded hearing aids every 3 years
  • No contract – Month-to-month rental
  • Cancel anytime with no penalty
  • Full Loss & Damage coverage
  • $0 Down – Make your first month’s payment to get started
Rental Hearing Aids Available from Hearing Aid 911


  • Annual hearing test
  • On-ear precision programming
  • Sound Support service package
  • Batteries by mail
  • Bluetooth home media kit
  • Hearing loop home media kit
  • EZ Remote
  • Custom earmolds
Quality of Life Continues While Renting a Hearing Aid with Hearing Aid 911
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