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Meet James Richwine

Teenage James Richwine made his mom cry, and he’s been making up for it ever since. It wasn’t intentional, just a dumb joke during family dinner poking fun at her poor hearing. But to her, the years of frustration, humiliation, and social insecurity boiled over into free-flowing tears that puddled onto her dinner plate while the family sat in stunned silence. James hadn’t considered how hard his mom’s hearing loss made her day-to-day life, but from that moment, James determined to find ways to remove barriers to communication and improve the quality of life for his mom and everybody like her.

James Richwine from Hearing Aid 911 During a House Call

James made his passion for hearing healthcare official in 2008 when he joined his brother-in-law’s busy audiology practice in Montana as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. While managing a full patient-load and driving 300 miles along the highway to the practice’s three offices, James discovered that hearing aids are only part of the solution to hearing treatment and whole hearing health. In 2014 he became a certified hearing loop consultant, which set the stage for Audeo Loop Technologies, an assistive listening technology company James started in 2017 to bring accessibility solutions to Montana communities.

Now a proud resident of Boulder, Colorado, James has his sites set on solving three big problems in hearing healthcare – standardizing early detection, prevention, and treatment of hearing loss through hearing screenings at medical clinics, providing affordable curbside hearing healthcare to mobility and health-challenged patients in Boulder County, and strengthening Colorado communities through widespread integration of assisted listening technology. Hearing Aid 911 is on a roll, and James wants to make his mom cry again, but this time, the only tears he’ll accept are happy ones.

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James Richwine

James Richwine

Owner & Advocate

Hearing Aid 911 owner, James Richwine, is an obsessive-compulsive, hyper-focused, work-with-you-until-it’s-right hearing professional with 15 years of experience in hearing healthcare.

Colorado HIS #414

Montana HIS #384

Contacta Certified Dealer

Listen Technologies Level 2 Certified Dealer

ADA WCAG Web Content Accessibility Certified

Available For:

Managed Care for Senior Communities

Hearing Loop Design and Installation

Corporate ADA Accessibility Audits

Public Speaking, Training and Coaching

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A Community Advocate

James Richwine in Mobile Ambulance from Hearing Aid 911

A strong advocate for the hard-of-hearing, James started Audéo Loop Technologies in 2018 with his sights set on providing equal hearing access through assistive listening technology. James worked with state legislatures to lobby officials in Montana to enforce ADA accessibility in several communities. Now a proud Boulder resident, James is focused on bringing assistive listening technology to Colorado.

Making the world a little better through his efforts is what drives him forward, and the pedal is to the metal.

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